Aqedah - Drama

Aqedah is a supernatural drama containing Angels, demons, new secret Christian Gospels being discovered and Vatican conspiracies, much like “The Da Vinci Code.”   It looks at religious artefacts in a way comparable to “Indiana Jones” (Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail.)  One of the main characters is an Angel, like Castiel from "Supernatural."  

John McDermott  Aqedah:    1 hour TV pilot   Drama   Supernatural   Teen    LGBTQ+


Sacrifice for paradise. 



Delannie has been told she is a prophet of the Lord.  She must guard ancient documents about Jesus from the Vatican, and start to believe quickly in angels and demons, otherwise there will be a religious war on a scale never seen before. 


The teaser

DELANNIE is 19 and identifies as transgender.  Her family are strict Catholics.  Vatican priests want to get a hold of new scrolls recently discovered in Qumran, that Delannie has recently acquired.   With the help of her online followers, she will find the right path to take. 


The World

Throughout the series, everyday people will face Biblical type challenges.  It is set in present day New York, with flashbacks to 1st Century Judea.  Some scenes are set in the Vatican and each episode will take us to different parts of the world. 


Hard Sell

It would appeal to everyone, not just religious people.  Biblical times meets the modern-day in a new and exciting way.  The religious documents discovered are similar to the “Dead Sea Scrolls” discovered in Qumran in the 1990’s.  The potential for future episodes is vast with lots of topics that can be addressed.  Because of this I believe the target audience will be huge and the idea very marketable.  PG-13. 



MR. RICHMOND – He is a successful lawyer and a Roman Catholic. He has worked hard all his life, and perhaps too hard as he has made excuses for not spending time with his son Daniel.  After being confronted by the angel, his faith is strengthened and his relationship with his son is healthier. 


DELANNIE - Delannie is a 19 year old Theology student.  She is also transgender.  She was born a boy called Daniel.  She is finding her place in the world and is in love with TARA, 19.  When she is told she is a prophet of the Lord by the angel, she starts to question everything.  When she accepts her destiny, she must believe in angels and demons quickly, and adapt to this new supernatural life. 


ANGEL – His vessel looks like a 30 year old male, but he is thousands of years old.  He was present during Jesus’ ministry, and is now present in New York to watch over the new scriptures that have been discovered. 

MICHAELANGELO – He is a Vatican priest who has been sent to New York to recover the Gospel of Simon.  He is down to earth and has no problem telling it how it is.  His faith is strong, and he would die for the church and its mission. 


Brief Synopsis

The year is 33AD.  SIMON consults his eyewitness account of Jesus’ ministry and he writes his Gospel in Qumran.  He continues to write.  He hides his writings in the caves.   Present day, JOSHUA, 24, enters the cave.  He finds the writings of Simon.  He can't believe it.  He photographs some of the scrolls and emails them to several people.  However, that night two scrolls were stolen from his house by a MYSTERY MAN and Joshua was killed. 


One month later, Delannie finds the scrolls in a briefcase.  She puts on gloves and carefully reads the scrolls.  There is a flash drive – she puts it in computer.  The scrolls and commentary are in English.  The scrolls are the Gospel of Simon.  She spends the night reading them.  When she put flash drive in – it activated a homing beacon.  The Vatican and Michaelangelo are now on the case – they know where the scrolls are – New York. 


She shows some of the scrolls to her millions of followers.  They all think it is cool, but have no idea what they are reading.  The Vatican priests find Delannie and ask her to hand over the scrolls.  But other parties and secret religious sects want the scrolls for themselves, and they would not hesitate to kill. 


MR. RICHMOND, Delannie’s dad, is confronted by the Angel who tells him he has to prove his faith in God.  He has to sacrifice his daughter like Abraham did with Isaac.  He learns that Aqedah is a Hebrew verb which means to bind, as in the binding of Isaac to be sacrificed.  Reluctantly, Mr Richmond takes Delannie to the park.  There is an altar laid out for him.  Delannie lies on the altar.  Mr Richmond lifts his hands with a sharp knife in it above Delannie's body.  He brings the knife down.  

The series

Each episode will be based on a story from the Bible and be set in the modern day.   It will look at the emotions each character faced, and how they overcome their obstacles.  There are dozens of relatable stories in the Bible, each one with a unique character arc and ending.


Future episodes

The Good Samaritan – The beggar who was beaten up at the side of the road in the Biblical story is today a Wall Street Banker.  Many people walk past him, but a homeless man wheeling his trolley full of possessions comes to his aid. 


Demonic bubonic – A demon threatens to unleash the Bubonic plague on New York unless a murderer in prison is released within 24 hours. 

The Saviour’s Gospel – This gospel contains the actual words spoken by Jesus.  It also contains accounts of the life of Jesus that don’t match those in the four Gospels.  The Vatican must contain the release of this gospel until they can study it and determine its true meaning.