Month of Mondays - a tale about Covid-19

Emily and Richard’s lives changed dramatically when the Corona virus struck.  Their dreams were put on hold, perhaps forever, as they both tested positive for the virus. 



What day is it today?

They are becoming the same,

after I’ve made a salad

we’ll play a new board game.


I’ll nip to the shops

That’s my morning goal,

I’ll need to stock up on pasta

buy plenty of toilet rolls.


I heard it is crazy

queues for miles for the shops,

everyone needs bread and milk

Flash wipes and kitchen mops.


Make a note in the diary

for 8 o’clock, Thursday night.

We need to clap for carers

bang pots with all our might.



I like to see the pictures

Of rainbows on our walk,

It reminds us we’re a family

we must all continue to talk.


Shall we watch the briefing

it’s a waste of time.

They never answer the questions

politicians only whine.


They must do much better

end the crisis soon,

is it still the morning

or is it now afternoon?


I’ve never seen so many

people running in the streets,

but they can’t stop to say hello

to the people that they meet.





Shall we try something new

a workout for our tums?



Are you saying I’m getting fat?

I have a perfect bum. 


            (RICHARD checks – yeah, it still looks good.)



I don’t think we’ve spent

this much time together

this has been a good thing

thank goodness for sunny weather.


Time to start this new day

whatever day it is

we’ll burn some extra calories

demolish a bottle of fizz.


            (RICHARD shakes the copper jar.)



Soon it’ll be back to normal

we’ll be rushing around,

life goes on, so it should

start bringing in the pounds.


At least I’ve got my furlough

work from my living room,

it’s strange having the meetings

on computer via Zoom.



Characters (in order of appearance);

Richard is a 30 something who is a lawyer.  He works hard and is focused on his career.  He is married to Emily, his high school sweetheart.  He likes football and beer, but his dream of being a Rockstar is getting further away from him.    

Emily is a 30 something who is a very talented pianist.  She regularly sells out concerts around the world.   She is married to Richard.  She dreams of raising a family in Australia. 


One actor can play the following roles -

Seb is 27 years old and is Emily’s brother.  He dropped out of uni and went travelling.  Very wise and will do anything for Emily. 

Ms. Kaitland is a 52 year old drama teacher at Emily and Richard's school.  She could have been a famous actress but now her dreams lie in tatters. 

Stanley is 60 years old and is Emily’s dad.  He is rich and is enjoying early retirement. 

Anne-Marie is 55 years old and is Richard and Dylan’s mum. 

Dylan is 33 years old and is Richard’s brother.  He works in a bank in London.