Faresi Island

Format: Feature        

Genre: Cerebral thriller

Nutshell: Inception meets Shutter Island.


An assassination attempt on the First Family leaves them stranded on a deserted island where the President is reminded of the oath he took to protect his family.


COLIN is a sturdy US Marine Crop drone operator. He is commanded to fire a missile to kill EKONG, an African warlord that they have been tracking and two GENERALS, in Africa. The strike is unsuccessful killing HENRI, Ekong’s son instead. Ekong walks away from the blast with brand-new technology. A ViP (Virtual Phenotype) mask will allow him to transform into anyone he wants.

Colin drives home with his daughter JEMIMA and they munch ice cream in the car. Jemima takes off her seatbelt to comfort Colin. An SUV crashes into their car. Both survive but Colin is placed in a coma. BETH, Colin’s wife, is told that Colin may be on a deserted island in his coma dream. In order to come out of the coma, he must swim off the island. On his coma deserted island, Faresi Island, Colin imagines he is the most powerful person he can think of, MICHAEL DERRICK, the President of the United States.

Michael, (Colin’s coma avatar), in his mid-40’s is sworn in as the President of the United States. He has the same family as Colin, Beth, Adam and Jemima whom he loves dearly. As the President, he is accompanied everywhere by his Secret Service agents led by Marine Corps veteran, RYAN.

Michael and his family enjoy the first few days of the being the First Family. They have a day in the garden, a night watching films and a drama free day at the zoo. Michael is then called into a control room where he reluctantly orders a drone attack in Africa on Ekong. We have witnessed this scene before from Colin’s POV. One month later, Ekong arrives in Washington in an anonymous shipping container. He has perfected the ViP technology.

Michael arranges to speak to Colin, his brother and therapist in this coma reality, to discuss the pressures of being the President. Colin reassures Michael that all will be good, just be himself. Michael then meets with the Croatian president and is informed that Ekong is alive and in Washington and that he possesses the ViP technology. He calls Ryan in the Oval Office and recites various words that he orders Ryan to remember but not to write down.

Michael is invited to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. It is a sell-out game. Ekong arrives at the baseball stadium and uses his ViP technology to pose as an employee and get to a higher vantage point. He shoots Michael with a sniper rifle missing his head but shooting him in his shoulder.

There is a big action sequence where SUVs and terrorists ambush the motorcade. Michael is rushed into an ambulance but as the drivers are running to the front, they are thwarted by terrorists who carjack the ambulance. Ryan jumps into a Prius and chases the ambulance as it goes into an abandoned warehouse. Michael is tied to a chair and greeted by Ekong who reveals his technology by transforming into Michael, then orders him to relay a message to a camera.

Michael begins to recite what he is being ordered to be read. Ryan arrives and there are now two Michaels. Ryan must figure out who the real Michael is and is reminded of the random words that Michael had told him to remember in the beginning of the film. An explosion goes off, knocking Michael on the floor where he hits his head, Ekong loses the mask but escapes. Ryan destroys it.

Michael is on Air Force One with his family. Ekong orders planes to shoot down Air Force One. The attack is successful and the plane crashes into the ocean, killing most of the passengers and crew. Michael, his family, and Ryan survive the crash and row in a lifeboat to a nearby island in the distance, Faresi Island.

They wash up on the beach. Their lips are dry and their skin sunburnt. They collapse on the beach. Slowly they start to feel themselves and discuss the best way too survive. Ryan assures Michael that help will be with them within 24 hours. However, Ekong could be here even sooner.

They explore the island. Adam swings too hard on a rope bridge and falls over the side. Michael grabs on to him and manages to pull him to safety. They retreat back down to the beach. A boat lands on the beach with mercenaries holding machine guns. Ekong is there also. Ekong’s men capture the First Family and tie them up. Michael pleads to let them go. Ekong allows them to be out of eyesight of Michael’s execution. Michael is shot dead.

Then Ekong arrives.

The screen turns to white. We are now in a hospital with Colin in the hospital bed and his family scared for his life. They discuss administering a drug called Faresenol to get Colin to wake up. If not, they must consider switching off his life support machine. They pray in the chapel and hope he will move his eyes and improve his coma scale points.

Colin finds himself in a dank, dingy tunnel.  Colin speaks to Michael who tells him he is now his survival instinct. Faresenol is working and Colin can access more of his memories. Doors appear to new realities both real life and his favorite films including Star Wars and the Goonies.

Colin is back on Faresi Island with a new realization that he is in a coma. Ekong and his mercenaries have planted bombs. Fifteen minutes left until detonation. Michael tries to diffuse them. This time Faresi Island blows up for good. This is Colin’s last attempt to swim off the island. Colin has a fight with Ekong on a rope bridge and Colin wins the fight by pushing Ekong off the bridge to his death.

            Colin decides to swim off the island to come finally out of the coma. After almost being eaten by a shark, Colin swims to the horizon as Faresi Island explodes and crumbles into the ocean. Colin vanishes. Everything becomes heavenly white.

Back in the military hospital Beth, Adam and Jemima continue their vigil at Colin’s bedside. Beth takes her kids to a church where she explains that they must consider switching off Colin’s life support machine. Adam bangs his hand on the pew. Jemima starts crying.

Time has run out. They are about to switch off machine when Colin opens his eye. Then moves a finger. He comes out of the coma.

Colin starts to write his screenplay. He flashbacks to his memories of being in the coma with Michael as his avatar. Colin enjoys a great Christmas with his family. On Christmas morning Colin steps out of his wheelchair and manages to walk again.

Colin and his family are on a desert island. Bombs go off and guns are fired.

            Colin holds the shooting script to his film “Faresi Island.” Michael derrick as an A-list action actor from Colin’s favorite film.

Colin and his family walk along the beach. “This is real life?” asks Colin. Beth nods yes.