Faresi Island

It is very similar to “Lost” with strange occurrences happening on an island.   Because of the way dreams contain dreams it is also very similar to "Inception."   It is like “Olympus has fallen” franchise due to the President of the United States being the central character.

John McDermott                  Feature           Cerebral thriller


On Faresi Island, Jaws is the least of your problems.



A man in a coma incorporates his waking world into his imaginary coma world, as he tries to find a way to wake up once and for all.


Hard sell

The audience and characters don't really know what is going on, but they sense it is not normal.  Big special effects, amazing settings and a hum dinger of an ending. 


The world

Most of the film is set on Faresi Island – a tropical island, somewhere like Hawaii and the island from Lost.  The island has been deserted for many years, and there is still signs of previous life.  The second most important setting is the hospital.  All the action takes place in a ward with several beds.  The rest of the settings are locations around Washington DC. 


Brief synopsis

The President of the United States survives an assassination attempt.  Several months later, Air Force One plane crashes into the ocean.    The President and the rest of the passengers end up on a deserted island, Faresi Island.  As more and more mysterious things begin to occur, we and the trapped people realize that all is not what it seems to be. 



MICHAEL, the President of the United States, and his wife BETH, are at the Super Bowl Game, when shots ring out and Michael and his best friend JOE are shot.   

They both are saved and recover together in hospital.  Months later, they board Air Force One with KATE (a CNN reporter), FATHER RILEY, and RYAN (his bodyguard) amongst others. 

            A photo of a terrorist, SOMAL is flashed on the TV screen. It’s reported that a nuclear bomb is on US soil. Bombs go off, causing destruction. The White House crumbles. 

Air Force One with Michael and his family crashes into the ocean. They make it to Faresi Island. They need to find a way off. They start to explore the island and get to know each other.  They are sure they will be rescued soon. 

They must stay calm and focussed.  Dangers are still all around them, for example large tidal waves washing up on the beach.   They slowly get used to life on the island.  They find an abandoned village.  Ryan and Duke find spears, hunting rifles, pots and pans, limited supplies.  Plenty of tinned food. 

He remembers his first date at Santa Monica pier with Beth and when they got married. Michael trips and falls down a hill, a FIGURE stands over Michael holding a knife. He hears whispering. A ship passes unnoticed.  

Back to reality, Beth is by Michael’s bedside in the hospital, encouraging him to wake up from his coma.  The doctor tells Beth that Michael might be incorporating people from his waking life into his coma. He gives Michael medication that might help him wake up. 

            On the island, Michael now realizes that he’s imagining it all. If he dies on the island he’ll die for real.  With Beth’s help, he can do anything.  Michael sees the helicopter. He jumps into the ocean and swims towards it, but a shark comes after him. Kate spears the shark and it dies. Michael makes it to the helicopter and wakes up from his coma.  

Several months pass and Michael carries out his Presidential duties diligently.  His convoy is ambushed on the way to a world summit, but he continues to deliver his speech, the terrorist will not stop him.  However, during the address, he is notified that a nuclear device has been discovered.  Moments later, it is activated.  Michael watches the approaching mushroom cloud edging ever closer.  Michael realizes he’s still in a coma and was never awake. He finds himself back to Faresi Island.

In hospital, Beth decides to turn off her husband’s COLIN’S life support machine.   Colin, 40, is fat, bald and is a janitor at a primary school.  Michael stands on the beach.  The island starts to disappear.  Michael’s face transforms into Colin’s face.  In the hospital bed, Michael’s face turns into Colin’s face.  From the opening scene, this has all been Colin’s coma dream. 

We join the action in the final few weeks of a long 5-year struggle for Colin in the coma. After Colin blamed himself for the accidental death of his daughter Jemima, he overdosed on pills and went into his coma. 

The Doctors explain that being in a coma is like being trapped on a desert island.  Most coma patients die because they can’t use their imagination and accept defeat.  Some don’t even build a fire or go exploring the island.  We now know that Duke is still in the coma.  The Doctors are concerned for his health.  If he doesn't come out of the coma soon they may have to turn off the machines.  There is a new drug however that could work.  Beth decides that they should start this new drug treatment.

For his last chance to escape off the island, he couldn’t be himself, he had to be the best he could be, he had to be the President of the United States.  He has tried over 200 times to escape off the island.  Colin now knows he is in a coma and that the stakes this time are higher than ever before. 

Beth remembers her first date on Santa Monica pier with Colin and when they got married.  This time it is Colin in the memories, not Michael.  At the very last second before Beth switches off his life support machine, he opens his eye and very subtly grips Beth’s hand.    



MICHAEL – He is the President of the United States of America.  He is very intelligent and a great world leader.  He has keen survival instincts that will serve him well on Faresi Island.


BETH – She is Michael’s wife.  She has stood by her husband through thick and thin.  She is a great right-hand person.  She knows how to bring the best out of Michael. 


COLIN – We only see him at the very end of the film.  He is 60 years old, overweight, bald and a janitor at a local junior school.  A kind and caring individual who made time for everyone.