Faresi Island

Format: Feature        

Genre: Cerebral thriller

Nutshell: Inception meets Shutter Island.

Logline: A man in a coma incorporates his waking world into his imaginary coma world, as he tries to find a way to wake up once and for all.


MICHAEL SMITH, a late thirties American is sworn in as the President of the United States. He has a Spanish wife, BETH, and two young children, ADAM and JEMIMA, whom he loves dearly. As the President, he is accompanied everywhere by his Secret Service agents led by Marine Corps veteran, RYAN.

Michael is then called into a control room where he reluctantly orders a drone attack in Africa on EKONG, an African warlod they are tracking. Ekong is with two high ranking Generals and his son, HENRI. Ekong is the sole survivor of the attack.

One month later and Ekong arrives in Washington in an anonymous shipping container. He has perfected the technology, a Virtual Phenotype (ViP) mask, that can morph himself into anyone of his choosing.

We are introduced to COLIN, the President’s brother and are shown they both have striking similarities in their actions. Michael then meets with the Croatian president and is informed that Ekong is alive and in Washington and that he possesses the ViP technology. He calls Ryan in the Oval Office and recites various words that he orders Ryan to remember but not to write down.

Michael is on Air Force One with his family. Ekong orders planes to shoot down Air Force One. The attack is successful and the plane crashes into the ocean, killing the majority of the passengers and crew. Michael, his family and Ryan survive the crash and later make it to Faresi Island. Michael wakes up and we learn that Faresi Island is a place he goes to in his dreams

Michael struggles with the decision of the attack as he talks to Colin, who is a registered therapist. Michael accompanies his family to the city zoo where a suicide bomber threatens to set off his bomb vest. The bomber claims to be sent by Ekong in retaliation for Michael killing his son. The attack is swiftly thwarted by secret service and NATORI, the suicide bomber, runs away and Ryan gives chase. They fight, Ryan pushes Natori into a cheetah habitat and they eat him.

Ekong arrives at a baseball stadium where Michael is set to pitch the first ball. Ekong uses his costume technology to pose as an employee and get to a higher vantage point. He shoots Michael with a sniper rifle.

There is a big action sequence where SUVs and terrorists ambush the motorcade, in turn, stealing the ambulance that Michael is in. Ryan jumps into a Prius and chases the ambulance as it goes into an abandoned warehouse. Michael is tied to a chair and greeted by Ekong who reveals his technology by transforming into Michael, then orders him to relay a message to a camera.

Michael begins to recite what he is being ordered to be read. Ryan saves the President by remembering the random words Michael told him to remember at the beginning of the film. An explosion goes off, knocking Michael on the floor where he hits his head, Ekong loses the mask but escapes. Ryan destroys it.

Back on Faresi Island, Michael runs up a hill to chase a plane passing the island. He falls, a hospital and the island merge into one as Michael falls off the cliff. Before he hits the rocks, the screen turns to white. We are now in a hospital with Michael in the hospital bed and his family scared for his life. They discuss administering a drug called Naloxone to get Michael to wake up.

Michael is back on the island with a new realization. He realizes he is in a coma and decides to swim of the island in order to come out of the coma. After almost being eaten by a shark, Michael is picked up by a helicopter and rescued. He wakes up from his coma.

Michael gives an order to destroy all nuclear weapons and signs a peace treaty. However, there is a bomb which is set to go off. This is quickly disarmed, but Michael fears he is still in the coma. Colin reassures him that this is real life.

Fifteen years pass and Jemima is getting married. Amy and Ryan have two sons. During the wedding reception, Ekong calls Michael and threatens him. Michael realizes he’s still in a coma, Ekong sets off a nuclear bomb. Michael hugs his daughter before changing into Colin. Jemima is scared and confused, and Colin is not far behind her.

The mushroom cloud swallows up everything. We’re back on the island and Colin is coming to the realization that he has been living in many different coma realities. Ekong pops up and with a snap of Colin’s fingers, Ekong vanishes. A bomb is counting down that will destroy Faresi Island. Colin accepts that he is losing his fight to survive, he is very close to death in real life.

Colin swims to the horizon as Faresi Island explodes and crumbles into the ocean, and then vanishes. Colin is now in Washington and watches everything turn to white. Colin realizes he has no more realities, and reluctantly relives the memory of his daughter, Jemima being killed by getting hit by a Prius driven by Ekong. He then relives the pain as he witnesses himself unconscious in a chair by overdosing on Diazepam pills.

We finally enter into real life where we are in a hospital. Everyone is older, Colin is in a hospital bed. They discuss pulling him off life support and the nurse administers Naloxone. Colin’s family has lost hope. They decide to pull him off life support.

We learn that Colin is a janitor at a school whose brother is President Michael. Michael visits Colin and he introduces Ekong who has been released from jail for killing Jemima. Ekong asks Colin’s family to forgive him. They play a home video on the TV with Jemima and Colin’s voices. Right before they decide to turn off the life support, Colin opens his eye and focusses.