Gestalt - Horror


John McDermott                  Short film      Supernatural / Horror


Pass it on.



Laura must break a deadly cursed chain letter before the grim curse catches up to her: if not, no end of innocent people will die horrific deaths.    



6th Sense.  Final Destination.  The Conjuring.  Paranormal Investigation.

Hard Sell

Guaranteed ghosts and gruesome deaths.  The cursed chain letter adds to the superstitious hype in a world where no-one gets snail mail letters anymore.   People must believe that ghosts and curses are real; their lives will depend on it.  Can the evidence of ghosts be proven once and for all?    This short film will appeal to all audiences who like a good scare with an 18 rating. 



LAURA finds an old chain mail letter in her GRAN’S attic.  Anyone who has received the letter can see ghosts 5 days later, and if they don’t pass it on, they will die by a freak accident 7 days later.    Laura had to learn to believe fast.  As the sightings of ghosts increase, and her two friends died by horrible accidents, time is running out to break the curse.   


The world

The film is set in Edinburgh, UK.  One of the main locations is an abandoned factory that was destroyed in a fire 15 years ago.  Laura is a ghost tour guide so some of the scenes are set along the Royal Mile and the Dungeons.   The many closes and “haunted” places around the old city provide the rest of the settings. 


Brief synopsis

Laura’s mum died in a factory fire 15 years ago.  She, along with SORAB and MALCY are trying to prove the existence of ghosts.  They start at the abandoned factory.  They have a large following online and their followers can be an extra set of eyes. 


Laura discovers an old chain letter in her GRAN’S attic.  She finds out that it was sent to the relatives of the factory owner, Stanley Jacobson to force the family to pay compensation for the deaths.  The family put a curse on it.  Within 5 days of signing your name on the letter, if you don’t post it you start to see ghosts.  Your aura turns from white to red.  On the 7th day, if you haven’t posted it to 7 other people, you will die in a horrific accident.  Your aura is now black.  This could be the way that Laura and her friends see real ghosts. 

Laura is a ghost tour guide, and on the 5th day, she starts to see the ghosts she has talked about on the tour.  She checks on app on her phone and her aura is now indeed red.   She is scared, but the clients think it is part of the tour.  They love it. 


Everywhere she looks there are ghosts – some good, some not so much.  There is one ghost Laura wants to see – her mum.


On the 7th day, and earlier than expected Sorab and Malcy die horrific deaths.  Laura knows that when she posts her letters, she won’t be able to see ghosts, her aura will go back to white, so she holds on posting them for the time being. 


At last she sees her hum.  It is a tearful reunion.  Her mum shows Laura a box under the floorboards where cheques of compensation are waiting to be posted out.  The deaths and the curse could have been avoided. 


Laura posts the cheques along with her 7 letters.  She hopes the curse has ended.  Her letters are posted to members of her ghost forum, and some post their 7 letters straight away, and others wait 5 days in the hope they can see ghosts.  The footage has gone viral, and soon everyone is talking about the ghosts and chain letter.


Has the curse been lifted, or has the chain letter started on a sinister journey around the world?  You will have to wait until the sequel to find out. 



LAURA – She is 27 years old a ghost tour guide in Edinburgh.  She didn’t know her dad and her mum died in a fire 15 years ago.  She was raised by her gran whom she continues to live with.  She wants to see ghost, not just talk about them.  And one ghost in particular is at the top of her list – her mum. 


SORAB – He is 26 years old and part of the ghost hunting team.  He is scared of ghosts, and the others know it and tease him about it.  He is the brains of the outfit and has all the latest gadgets and ghost cameras.


MALCY – He is 28 years old.  He started the ghost hunting team several years ago.  He has believed in ghosts all his life and wants nothing more than to capture one on film.  He doesn’t not know the meaning of the word fear, and his cavalier attitude will take him far. 


The sequel

The film franchise is huge with many potential characters and locations.  As the chain letter is posted all around the world, different ghost cultures could be looked at.  One film could focus on Japanese ghosts, another could look at the ghosts found in the Highlands of Scotland. 


Ultimately, the curse will be lifted, but there could easily be a new cursed chain letter started in the same way as this one was.  Perhaps, this new curse could see people die in 24 hours if the chain letter is not passed on immediately.