Ghost Tour - Horror

Ghost Tour by John McDermott

Short film            Horror


A run-of-the-mill ghost tour around Edinburgh on Halloween proves to be one of the best value-for-money ghost tours in the city.


The sunlight starts to vanish. The full moon shines on gargoyles and angel statues adorning roofs on this spooky Halloween in Edinburgh.  TOURISTS admire the ACTORS dressed up as witches, maids, ghosts, and ghouls who promote their ghost tours or dungeon attractions.  

TEN TOURISTS get ready for the 7 pm ghost tour. MICK and his wife BETH study the ghost tour map and check their cameras are working. Their son JOSH is less than impressed and listens to music in the hope that this hell will be over soon.

WILLIAM is dressed up as a 19th-century gentleman. He smiles at GRACE who pulls her hood over her head. He discusses the possibility of seeing Bloody Mackenzie at the Greyfriars Graveyard. Beth shakes with fear. COLIN and his girlfriend EVE listen in to the ghost stories on offer. SIMON the tour guide dressed in spooky make-up welcomes everyone and assures them any ghosts they see are real, no stooges on this ghost tour.

Simon starts the tour and points them in the direction of a small CHILD who is trying to get the attention of a POLICEMAN. No one else on the tour sees the boy or the policeman. A JAPANESE TOURIST scours the streets looking for them. MARY and MAGGIE, dressed as “plague victims” hobble behind the rest of the tour. Simon continues the tour. Stories are told and photos are taken.

Simon explains to the group that he loved growing up here and how much he loves Edinburgh. Two FIGURES get Simon’s attention. He gets the rest of the tour to look but again they don’t see anyone. Mick is loving the tour, and Simon is so enthusiastic.

The group enters Mary King’s close. The Japanese tourist picks up a tartan doll on the steps. Eve and Colin shiver and they can see their breath. Simon explains that this happens when ghosts are close by. The Japanese tourist screams. Josh opens up Google translate. The Japanese tourist states she saw the ghost of ANNIE who is looking for her tartan doll. Then the doll disappears. The group looks stunned.

The next top is the Edinburgh vaults. The entrance is dank and dingy. The lights flicker before cutting out. Simon switches on his torch but the batteries fail. The group can’t move, they are frozen to the spot. The group all screams and runs to the door. It is locked. They all see a tall dark FIGURE lurking in the shadows. Simon tries to open the door. Mick tries. At last, the door unlocks. They run outside and catch their breath.

The group decides to end the tour early. Simon leads them back to the start. They walk back without uttering a word. BEN, the tour manager welcomes them back. Mary and Maggie have vanished. William tips his hat before vanishing into the mist. Simon enters the tour booth. They all put paper money into the tip jar and thank Ben for the most authentic tour ever. Ben asks who took them out. They say, Simon. They will give the tour 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Ben enters the tour booth but Simon is not there. On the wall is an order of service for Simon’s funeral, one year ago.