Our reality has been created by a time travelling AI satellite called Go6.  Our fate can be reprogrammed. 

The teaser

On 21st June 2020, 100 years ago, people wore flares, had perms and dancers wore leg warmers.  There was no technology, no Apple, no Facebook, no internet.  On that day, the world was destroyed by a solar flare.  Go6 has spent the past 100 years creating and evolving this reality we are living in.  Now our world has the technology and intellect to find a way to ensure its survival. 

The world

Go6 was created 100 years ago to monitor and spy on us all.  However, after the world wasn’t advanced enough to come up with a solution to save it from a solar flare, Go6 discovered how to time travel and shaped our history, so we can have the necessary technology to build a solar shield to prevent earth’s destruction.  It has access to all the surveillance in the world, cell phones, CCTV cameras and can travel through time to see the outcome of its actions.   

In its pursuit of saving the world, Go6 did not see the smaller picture.  It did not see the individuals.  They were not who they were 100 years ago.  John and his team must change these person’s lives allowing them to be who they were destined to be.  But they must do it with no risk of changing time, or the world, too much for the solar shield development to be compromised.   


JOHN - John is 34 years old and has an implant in his brain.  This allows him to communicate with Go6 and to teleport anywhere in the world.  He is its assistant on earth.  John has super human strength and has access to all the info Go6 has.  The ultimate super hero.  Clark Kent is his role model, but without the glasses. 

DR. WEBBER - He is Ryan’s uncle.  He works for the FBI and has connections with the President.  He is fit and well-built, but a few grey hairs are creeping in.  Straight talking and sharp shooting, he is an asset to any team. 

RYAN - He is Dr. Webber’s nephew, whom he admires.  He has just moved away from home and is slowly getting his bearings in life. He is insanely clever and can hack into anything.  He is like a kid in a toy store being surrounded by all this technology. 

CLAIRE - She is John’s Psychiatrist.  She is the best in her field and has worked with many famous people.  She is attracted to John, but first she must come to terms with exactly who he is.  Not everyone gets his quirks and jokes, and with her help, she can save John getting even more punches to the face. 

LUCY - She works for the Government and is smart in her own right.  However, she doesn’t think she should belong to this team.  100 years ago she was an office worker but she has evolved in the Rainforests of Papua New Guinea to be one of the most advanced humans to ever live. 

The Pilot

Dr. Webber, a rugged FBI agent and his nephew Ryan, one of the best hackers in the world, meet with the President of the United States.  The President reveals the existence of Go6 and how it has access to all the CCTV cameras, feeds and can calculate what you are going to do before you know yourself.  The President also reveals the threat of the solar flare in three months’ time which can destroy the world.  But this world is not advanced enough to come up with a way to stop it.  Go6 is earth’s final chance to save the world.  Ryan is given access to Go6.  He bonds well with this super computer. 

100 years have now passed and Go6 has found a way to save the world.  

The series

John and his team must change people’s lives so they can fulfil their true destinies.  They must discover how the world has changed over the past 100 years including finding a way to deal with new killer animals that have evolved over the past 100 years.  Each episode follows the story of one individual as he or she realises his or her true potential, for example becoming a Rockstar or a brain surgeon.  Will Ryan and Lucy fall in love as they were destined to do 100 years ago and have their prodigy son.  Ultimately, Go6 and the past 100 years of manipulation must be kept a secret, and the mission must always come first. 

The tone

Deadpool finds the machine from Person of Interest in a DeLorean whilst on NZT on his way to meet Team Scorpion.

Future Episodes

Ravel – Ravel was a world-famous composer.  All this changed when he was falsely accused of rape.  He lost everything.  The team must prove his innocence.

Sting! – John and his team try to stop a swarm of killer bees from attacking a remote island and making their way onto the mainland.

Lucy – Lucy, a member of the team, has spent the past 100 years living in the rainforest.  We find out more about her unique experiences and how she adapts to her new life in the team in New York.