Go6 - Quantum Leap on steroids



Genre: Sci Fi / Thriller

Format: TV Pilot

Nutshell: Quantum Leap meets Person of Interest.


Hello.  After studying science and religion at university, and growing up watching Quantum Leap and Dr. Who, I wanted to write a TV show that I would watch.  It would need to be fast paced, have clever twists, time travel, parallel universes with an “anything goes” approach. 



With the threat of an exploding sun looming, John must evolve to trust his creation, GO6, a time travelling AI satellite to develop a solution to save the person he loves the most and save not just this Earth’s survival but every Earth in every universe and timeline.


Main Characters

GO6 – (Global Optimization 6.)  It is Big Brother x 1,000,000, an AI satellite that can travel through time.  It monitors computers and CCTV feeds, analyzing and calculating trillions of simulations to make sure the world and its inhabitants are exactly as they should be. 

JOHN - John (28) is a computer genius and a practicing Catholic.  He sees the best in everyone and will do anything to save them.   He lost most of his memories while jumping between parallel universes and must learn to trust GO6 again, becoming GO6 incarnate.

LUCY – Lucy (25) has been with the team since the start.  She is her own person and lives by her own rules.  She is a genius with computers and code and works in a special ops team working on GO6’s surveillance.  She stops bad guys from being bad. 

MIKE – Mike (54) is John’s dad and the Earl of Lochsea.  He raised John to be the best he can be and now he is a billionaire who finances John and the team in various universes. 

DR. WEBBER – Dr. Webber (47) is John’s uncle.  He used to be a Priest but is now an Astrophysics professor.  He is straight talking and sharp shooting, an asset to any team.  He had the idea for the solar shield that must save the world. 



John created GO6 to enhance humanity, but its computing capabilities allowed John and his team to develop a solar shield to protect a futuristic Earth in Parallel Universe (P-) 255 against a deadly solar flare. 

However, the solar shield was not strong enough and Earth, and ultimately the entire Parallel Universe was destroyed.  To survive, John and his team had to go through a space time portal.  The portal would take them one year into the past and to a new parallel universe, our universe, P-01, which was stuck in the 1980’s.  GO6 and John time travelled manipulating the timeline resulting in a futuristic and technologically advanced Earth.  Learning from their mistakes in previous universes the hope is that this new solar shield will be effective.


The Pilot

Parallel Universe P-255 June 11th, 2021: A solar storm is heading right to this Parallel Earth where satellites form a solar shield, Earth’s only and last defence.  But the solar flare vaporizes the shield like a boxer punching through a paper bag.  Closer to Earth is a larger satellite: GO6.  Inside GO6 are countless screens and CCTV monitors watching everyone and monitoring the flare’s trajectory towards New York.

In London, the “ultimate” JOHN is trying to make it back to where a portal will take him and his team back home to P-01, one year in the past. An implant in a docking port in his head linked to his brain allows John to see all that GO6 can see, and he can teleport.  

He teleports to New York, where he visits his girlfriend’s, AMY, grave.  He wishes he could travel back in time and save her.  Teleporting again he ends up in Grand Central Station as the flare is disrupting the teleporting signal.  He must run the rest of the way. 

In a derelict warehouse that doubles as a secret lab, John’s dad MIKE and co-worker LUCY pack up their research including, the GO6 patent and Presidential Seal (which says “No Spying”), technology, then Mike activates the time portal machine.  With time nearly out, they go through the portal to  P-01 one year in the past to June 2020.  John makes it to the portal just in time but as he steps into the portal the solar flare pushes him back to June 2019 causing him to lose his memories.   The whole Earth and P-255 is destroyed.

Parallel Universe P-01 June 11th, 2019: John lands in a different New York very disoriented and cannot remember what has happened to him.  He picks up the briefcase that had the time portal machine in it and checks his driver’s license to remember his name and address.  He arrives at his house where an alive Amy opens the door and welcomes him in. 

 One amazing year later in June 2020, John and Amy are married and Amy is pregnant.  John believes his memories of the futuristic P-255 are simply dreams.  Mike, Lucy, and GO6 arrive through the portal and arrive in the wilderness; they need to find civilization and get GO6 repaired ASAP.  John and Amy are in a car crash and Any survives but unfortunately John dies.  GO6 rewinds time, manipulating events, so Amy dies instead as John must be saved at all costs.  John has no idea his timeline has been altered. 

Mike must work with the American Government to launch GO6, so he promises them GO6 will spy for them.  Mourning Amy, John works in his old bedroom at his mum, JANE’S, house at his ‘80’s computer and writes out things about the Internet.  He is trying to make his vision of what we call normal, real.  John thinks the Government stole his designs for GO6 and he detests the fact they are using it for spying, not to optimize humanity.  John marches against the existence of GO6 and carries a placard stating GO666. 

John goes to the University campus where he talks to his uncle, DR. BRUCE WEBBER (47), about technology and their vision for the future.  John wants to know if time travel could be real, and if it is, could he save Amy: he is driven by this thought.   

Scientists detect the solar flare that will destroy the world and GO6 calculates this is the time to bring John back to his mission.  John and Dr. Webber meet up with the President of the United States who shows them GO6 mission control.  John is livid, this is the last place he wants to be.  

In their secret lab, GO6 reveals to John and the team that it has a plan to save this world that involves changing the world by time travel.  However, there is no way John is trusting GO6, he will never be Big Brother incarnate.    After much reflection, John puts aside his emotions and has the operation to place the implant in the docking port linking to his brain.  However, John will only work with GO6 if it calculates how it can change the timeline, so Amy survives.   GO6 starts it calculations.

John goes back in time to 1905 Switzerland and speaks to a young Einstein, then the next mission sees the invention of the internet, Facebook, cell phones and the world becoming more digitally and technologically advanced.  

John bumps into his friend LUCA who was homeless before they altered the timeline, but now is a successful banker.  John realises that they have a problem, people’s lives have been changed without their consent, their destinies have been re-written. 


The series

John and his team must identify those people whose lives have changed by altering the timeline and give them the chance to choose their destinies without altering the timeline too much. They must build and design the solar shield while dealing with smaller solar flares, gamma bursts and asteroid strikes as the universe nears its destruction.