Go6 - Quantum Leap on steroids



Genre: Sci Fi

Format: TV Pilot

Nutshell: Quantum Leap meets Person of Interest.

Hello.  After studying science and religion at university, and growing up watching Quantum Leap and Dr. Who, I wanted to write a TV show that I would watch.  It would need to be fast paced, have clever twists, time travel, parallel universes with an “anything goes” approach. 


With the threat of an exploding sun looming, John must evolve to trust his creation, GO6, a time travelling AI satellite, to develop a solution to save the person he loves the most and save not just this Earth’s survival but every Earth in every universe and timeline.


Main Characters

GO6 – (Global Optimization 6.)  It is Big Brother x 1,000,000, an AI satellite that can travel through time.  It monitors computers and CCTV feeds, analyzing and calculating trillions of simulations to make sure the world and its inhabitants are exactly as they should be. 

JOHN - John (28) is a computer genius and a practicing Catholic.  He sees the best in everyone and will do anything to save them.   He lost most of his memories while jumping between parallel universes and must learn to trust GO6 again, becoming GO6 incarnate.

LUCY – Lucy (25) has been with the team since the start.  She is her own person and lives by her own rules.  She is a genius with computers and code and works in a special ops team working on GO6’s surveillance. 

MIKE – Mike (54) is John’s dad and the Earl of Lochsea.  He raised John to be the best he can be and now he is a billionaire who finances John and the team in various universes. 

DR. WEBBER – Dr. Webber (47) is John’s uncle.  He used to be a Priest but is now an Astrophysics professor.  He is straight talking and sharp shooting, an asset to any team.  He had the idea for the solar shield that must save the world. 



John created GO6 to enhance humanity, but its computing capabilities allowed John and his team to develop a solar shield to protect a futuristic Earth in Parallel Universe (P-) 255 against a deadly solar flare. 

However, the solar shield was not strong enough and Earth, and ultimately the entire Parallel Universe was destroyed.  To survive, John and his team had to go through a space time portal that took them one year into the past and to a new parallel universe, our universe, P-01, which was stuck in the 1980’s.  GO6 and John time travelled manipulating the timeline resulting in a futuristic and technologically advanced Earth.  Learning from their mistakes in previous universes the hope is that this new solar shield will be effective.


The Pilot

Our teaser drops us into the year 2019 where our protagonist, JOHN, is involved in an unfortunate accident.

Act One begins with John and his girlfriend, AMY, in bed, incandescently happy. We move into a warehouse where the two characters of John’s special team, MIKE and LUCY, are waiting for him. He sets up a camera, snaps a picture of the three of them and opens a briefcase full of wires and doodads. With a button press, the briefcase opens a portal and the three walk through it, to a parallel universe (P-255), as if this is something they do every day.

GO6, a powerful AI satellite, orbits the Earth in this universe, and observes, records, and evaluates the billions of conversations and stories happening all over the Earth. The satellite locates John, who has an implant that he plugs in and out of his head that allows him to communicate with GO6. The satellite informs him of a world destroying solar flare that is minutes away and that John should make his back to the warehouse and jump back to P-01. Satellites, controlled by GO6, form a solar shield, Earth’s only and last defence.  But the solar flare vaporizes the shield like a boxer punching through a paper bag. 

Mike and Lucy watch John’s every move through the CCTV cameras, New York is destroyed by the solar flares and he barely makes it to the warehouse where Mike and Lucy walk through the portal. John, however, gets knocked down, hits his head that causes him to lose parts of his memory. John goes through the portal to the wrong time, one year further back in time. John takes a taxi to his house in this universe (P-01), sees Amy, realizes that something is not right and passes out. He wakes up in the hospital and we push six months later.

John proposes to Amy and they get married. We move to a point in time where John is at home with his brother and mom, remembering ground-breaking technology using floppy discs: internet, webcams, and smartphones.

GO6, Mike and Lucy make it back to a mountain range in P-01 in 2020 that is going on like business as usual. John dies in a car crash. GO6, apparently programmed to keep John alive at all costs, rewinds time to save John but he loses Amy in the process. Mike and Lucy sit on the side of the mountain, watching the events unfold and the events from the past year, including John and Amy getting married.

Mike hands over GO6 to the American government as a spying satellite that he invented and built so GO6 can interface with all their computers and limited surveillance satellites. It must come up with a better solar shield design as the solar flare will hit this earth in one years’ time.

John is now against this GO6 creation and protests against it but GO6 instructs the President to get a hold of John and they try to convince him that he actually created it. Lucy and Mike attempt to introduce themselves but it doesn’t go the way they planned.

GO6 tries to talks to John but he doesn’t want to, rips some wires out and shuts down the machine. Mike gives John a piece of paper that John wrote to himself causing John to change his mind. They plug an implant into his head, he is renewed and remembers everything.

They begin to work with GO6 who has a plan and needs to incorporate time travel into that plan. John confirms that he will only help GO6 if it finds a way to save Amy.

John travels back in time to see Einstein, they have a chat and Einstein publishes his papers on the Theory of Relativity months earlier than he should.

GO6 shows Mike the original footage of the car crash where Amy dies, not John. Mike and GO6 have an ominous chat about “global optimization,” in which they both agree to keep John out of the loop of their scheme.

The episode ends with John noticing the Twin Towers have vanished and some people have vastly different lives to what they had before.


The series

John and his band of time travelling “superheroes,” must manipulate time to develop an effective solar shield, without changing the destinies of everyday people, in order to save not only this universe, but countless others.

The pilot sets up a futuristic, alternate reality which is the world we see out our windows, so other episodes can be “sci-fi without the hardwire.”

This is a character driven show with every episode looking at a member of the public who has to decide which life he or she wants, this one, or the one from the previous reality.