Go6 - Quantum Leap on steroids

GO6 written by John McDermott

Genre: Sci Fi

Format: TV Pilot

Hello. After studying science and religion at university I wanted to write a TV show that I wanted to watch influenced by some of my favourite TV shows, Quantum Leap and Dr. Who.  It would be fast paced with time travel, parallel universes and endless possibilities.


You know what’s behind one of two doors. Which do you choose?


With the threat of an exploding sun looming, John, an unassuming genius of space and time,

must evolve to trust his creation, GO6, a time travelling AI satellite, as he races against time to find a solution to either save the earth or his family by travelling across planes of parallel universes and manipulating time loops.

Main Characters

GO6 – (Global Optimization 6.)  It is Big Brother x 1,000,000, an AI satellite that can travel through time. It monitors computers and CCTV feeds, analysing and calculating trillions of simulations to make sure the world and its inhabitants are exactly as they should be. 


JOHN - John (28) is a computer prodigy who is rediscovering his Catholic faith. He created Go6 but unfortunately, a Parallel John has erased his memories of GO6. John must learn to trust GO6 again, becoming GO6 incarnate.


AMY – Amy (28) is John’s wife and mother of his child. She is a junior school teacher with a love of all things Ancient Egyptian. She loves John despite all his quirks.


LUCY – Lucy (25) has been with the Go6 surveillance team since the start. She is unique and dances to the beat of her own drum. She is proficient in computer language and codes most of the software making her the most dangerous woman on Earth with a computer.   


MIKE – Mike (54) is John’s dad and the Earl of Lochsea. Loving, caring, and proud of his son; he finances the GO6 project and has wisdom to share.   


DR. WEBBER – Dr. Webber (47) is John’s uncle who used to be a priest but is now an astrophysicist. He is part of the GO6 team and serves as the ethical and moral conscience of the group.


The series

John and his band of time travelling “superheroes”, must manipulate time to develop an effective solar shield, without changing the destinies of everyday people, to save not only this universe, but countless others.

The pilot sets up a futuristic, alternate reality which is the world we see out our windows, so other episodes can be “sci-fi without the hardwire.” This is a character driven show with every episode looking at a member of the public who has to decide which life he or she wants, this one, or another on the parallel universe spectrum.

The Pilot

Our teaser drops us into the year 2006 in our universe (P-01) where a young John and Amy first meet and become friends. 18 years later John and Amy are married and expecting their first child. Amy tells John about her exciting day ahead as a school teacher. John walks to an abandoned warehouse and opens a briefcase full of wires and doodads. With a press of a button, the briefcase opens a portal and John walks through it, to a parallel universe (P-255), that is mega futuristic with flying cars and robots. John smiles as he enjoys his new rat race.

We move into a futuristic warehouse where the two characters of John’s special team, MIKE and LUCY, are waiting for him.  GO6, a powerful AI satellite, is John’s creation. He switches it on for the first time. It orbits the Earth in this universe, and observes, records, and evaluates the billions of conversations and stories happening all over the Earth. The satellite locates John, who has an implant that he plugs in and out of his head that allows him to communicate with GO6.

GO6 informs John of a world destroying solar flare that is minutes away and that John should make his way to the warehouse and travel back to P-01 (our universe that is still stuck in all the glamour and grit the 1980’s had to offer). Mike and Lucy watch John’s every move through the CCTV cameras in the warehouse. Satellites, controlled by GO6, form a solar shield, Earth’s only and last defence. Mike and Lucy can’t wait any longer for John and jump into the portal. All hell has broken loose on the streets of New York and John reaches the warehouse just in time to go through the portal.

A Parallel John is waiting for John near the portal. He places a device into the portal device which changes the time destination to one year in the past.  Parallel John injects John with a memory solution that will erase all memories of GO6, time travel and parallel universes. John can spend the year with Amy and live a normal life. Parallel John pushes John through the portal moments before the world is annihilated by the solar flare.

John takes a taxi to his house in this universe (P-01), sees Amy, realizes that something is not right and passes out. That night Amy tells John she is pregnant. Six months later and Amy screams in pain. John rushes her to aide. She is bleeding. John rushes her to the hospital but they unfortunately lose the baby.

Another six months have passed. GO6, Mike and Lucy make it back to a mountain range in P-01 that is going on like business as usual. John dies in a car crash. Lucy writes a note to God in her journal. How can this supreme being allow John to die?  She prays for a miracle. GO6, programmed to keep John alive at all costs, rewinds time to save John but he loses Amy in the process. Mike and Lucy sit on the side of the mountain, watching the events unfold unaware of the previous timeline where John died.

Mike hands over GO6 to the American government as a spying satellite that he invented and built so GO6 can interface with all their computers and limited surveillance satellites. It needs a plan to “make the past-est people smartest to get the most-est out of technology” to build an effective solar shield.   GO6 tries to talk to John but it angers him, and he rips some wires out and the machine shuts down. Mike finds John and hands him a piece of paper that John wrote to himself. John reluctantly takes the letter and reads it. He looks at Mike who looks back at him and nods as if saying, “it’s all true, son”. John agrees to go with Mike to the warehouse where they plug an implant into his head. John is flooded with memories. John confirms that he will only help GO6 if it finds a way to save Amy.

Times Square transforms into our version, the world is exactly as it should be, not too advanced, not too basic, just right.  John notices the Twin Towers have vanished and some people have vastly different lives to what they had before. Have they done the right thing? Mike has portal jumped to P-17. He chats to a female figure about the transformation of P-01. GO6 can change their world and they can be rich beyond their wildest dreams. The female figure is the President of the United States, and is a Parallel Lucy.