Mark 2


Mark 2

John McDermott                  Short film      Sci Fi / Thriller


Clone – never alone.



Mark, the world’s first clone, is gathering technology so he can clone others, but the government is on his trail and want his technology – he must never let that happen. 



Replicas.  Gemini man. 


Brief synopsis

This short film looks at the life of the worlds first genuine clone, Mark 2.  He records his thoughts on his first year alive in this planet and his observations are amusing and true to life.  The scientists however have tracked his down after his escape from the top secret laboratory.  They must get him back and continue their experiments, before his DNA breaks down and he dies, and all their work so far goes to waste.  




Mark 2 signs into his online social media accounts.  He answers questions set by his followers.  Then he gets an alert, the scientists are close by.  He has to keep on the move, they can’t get a lock on his location.

Later that night, Mark 2 is being interviewed by Laura, a reporter from an online news show.  She has the world exclusive, the first interview with Mark.  And live on her show Mark will reveal his identity for the first time. 

Mark 2 answers her questions, what is the meaning of his life, what can the cloning technology be sued for?  And the big one – does he believe in God?  During the interview the government agents break down the door, but Mark 2 manages to escape. 

Mark 2 has a lead that one of the components for his cloning machine is in Copenhagen.  He manages to get it, but the agents are close by.  They are closing in on him. 

He holds a cyanide pill, the technology can not fall into the wrong hands.  He puts the pill back in the bottle. 

Several weeks later, Mark 2 manages to get the last component, the rest is easy.  He goes live and reveals his true identity.  Then the agents surround him in his room.  There is no escape.  He takes the cyanide pill.  The live feed is lost. 


The year is 2031.  The date is the 4th of June.  Hello, my name is Mark, Mark 7.  I am 25 years old.

Today is my first birthday. 



MARK – 25 years old, smart, fit, and the world’s first clone. 


LAURA – 34, intellectual and a hotshot online reporter.