Pacts 4 life - Stageplay

When you're young, you think you're going to live forever

Pacts For Life is a musical based on two High School lovers, Richard and Emily. One day they made a promise, they made a pact that they would always be together until death did them part, and when this happened the other would take their life so they would be together forever. This was their Pact for life.  
They did marry and they lived happily for several years. Then Emily had the chance to go to Australia to tour playing her piano. Their lives couldn't get any better.  
Then Richard learned that his brother had a deadly virus and that he would die by the end of the month. The virus was genetic and Richard learned that he had it also. He had a month to live also.
This worried Richard because of the pacts they had made but did Emily remember? Richard couldn't take the risk so he let Emily go to Australia and he stayed behind to die.  
However Emily did remember the pacts they had made, their pacts for life.  

There is no easy way to tell you this, sit down, here, by my side,
Brian is getting worse, it's the virus, eating away at his insides.
I need to tell you that this is not the only bad news,
it seems that bloody demon virus is also quite likely in you.
It is rare but is inherited from father to son,
sometimes it is switched off but in some generations it is switched on.
Are you going to tell Emily, she'll go through what I'm going through,
I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but for better or worse, till death comes to you?
I'll try not to cry, I'll make sure that you know, that you and your brother Brian,
will always be the bow on my crossbow, the strings on my guitar, the roads on my atlas taking me away, travelling far,
the sun in my Sunday, the hope in my dreams, the reason for living, the cream of the cream.
          Richard's Mother