Ravel - Drama


To the beat.  




John Ravel, a world famous symphony conductor living in New York, accidentally stumbles into a fatal gang shooting and becomes the prime suspect.  He goes on the run and will go to unimaginable lengths to prove his innocence so that he can reclaim his life and be reunited with his family.



The Soloist meets Boyz n the Hood and the Godfather.

The world

Two sides of New York – The Middle class New York – Carnegie Hall and fancy restaurants and the dark underworld of the gangs of New York. 

Brief synopsis

John Ravel was very happy.  He had a beautiful wife, children and a large house with accompanying possesions as well as a great career as world famous conductor.  He also had the Bolero, the twenty minutes of heaven composed by Maurice ravel.  Mr Ravel was very happy indeed. 

All this changed when he accidentally witnesses a shooting of a gang member.  He becomes the prime suspect.  In order to prove his innocence, he must trust the local gang and leave his old life behind -  except the Bolero.  Nothing could take this away from him, nothing. 


After leaving his life, he took refuge at St. Simon’s.  He enlisted the help of a gang leader, REN. 

TOMMY, was the victim of the shooting and was Ren’s younger cousin.  Ravel identified LEO, the murderer to Ren.  The gang war had begun.

He had to make new friends, new connections in the gang world.  

While learning the new rules, and getting closer to proving his innocence, he started teaching music to the local children living in the Ghetto, including Ren.  Ravel shared his love of music with everyone he could and this resulting in him entering his best pupils in a local competition, anything to escape the life that surrounded them.  Ren was selected to play the snare in the Bolero. 

With Ren’s help, Ravel managed to prove his innocence, and was welcomed back into his old life.   Once again Ravel was happy.  But if only Ren could choose to walk away from the fight, and play in the competition, that would make Ravel ecstatic. 

But Ren had a score to settle with Leo’s gang.  Ren wanted to deal drugs throughout the city and had to eliminate the competition. 

Ren had a choice, play the snare in the music competition, or fight the rival gang on the docks.  He had to choose between machine guns and drumsticks, bullets for beats. 

On the night of the competition, Ren and his gang fought the rival gang. 

But he put down his gun and called a truce – the two gangs could work together.  There was time to still make the competition. 

Ren ran to the competition with blood pouring from his gaping wound on his forehead.   With moments to spare, Ren takes to the stage.  Ravel points his baton to him.  He starts to drum the beat to the Bolero. 

Wiping the blood from out of his eyes throughout, he goes on to win the competition.