Simon Houghton - short - horror


There are some rules about life that people don't know about.  Ghosts only see other ghosts.  Even if it is a busy street a ghost can only see other ghosts around him, not the crowds that alive people see.  Some ghosts are angry, some friendly, some can interact with others but most just wander around.  Some ghosts only see the world as they remembered it when they were alive.  Their old house where they walked could now be a shopping mall.  They could be walking around their house but we see them in a field.

My name is Simon.  I died less than a year ago along with my mum.  I could see ghosts when I was alive, as could my mum, so now that I am dead I can see everything, dead and alive, towns as they were 20 years ago, that old ladies house before it was a shopping mall.  It was hard to see both realities at first, but now I teach the spirits how to interact with other spirits and the living.  To see the world as it is now and not as they remembered it. 

I can be in one place in one second and the other side of the town the next.  The living can see me and don't know I am a ghost.  I can't fix things, only they can.   Only they can move onto the next world.  One day i hope I can move on there also.....